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“I met Julia Coates over 20 years ago while she was researching Cherokee communities living outside Oklahoma before we had any idea of having a representative on the Tribal Council.  She has been a strong and ardent friend to At-Large communities since those early days and is unflagging in her commitment to the Cherokee Nation and to us, as At-Large citizens. I strongly endorse her as our next At-large representative.”- Deborah Scott, MPH, founding member of the original At-Large organizations in Houston, Cherokee Nation Constitutional Convention delegate (19999), member of community board of the Cherokee Nation, Executive Director of  her own Indian Healthcare consulting firm, Houston, TX/Tulsa, OK

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“I’ve known Julia through her online courses at UCLA and through the Cherokee PINS project. I applaud Julia’s commitment to providing information about important events in our recent history that affect our current social and governmental life. Julia has opened so many opportunities for connection and participation that At-Large citizens never had before.”-Philip Viles, Jr., Chief Justice, Cherokee Nation Judicial Appeals Tribunal (1976-2002)

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“Julia Coates is an experienced Cherokee legislator with a public record of how she has supported and acted for the people. Julia remained involved and did not disappear after serving. We need experienced Cherokees to serve in this capacity, not those ‘who want to get involved.’ This is not the place for those wanting to make a difference, but who have not built a public record of what they would do, or what they have done. Experience is essential. We don’t have time for on-the-job training at this level of governance.” – Twila Pennington, retired Cherokee Nation employee with over 40 years of experience in non-profit organizations, Cherokee County, OK 

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