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How you can help?

I am very excited about my candidacy for the Cherokee Nation Tribal Council! The good news is that more and more At Large Cherokee Nation citizens are registering to vote and becoming active in Cherokee civic life!

With the growing numbers of citizens that At Large candidates need to reach out to, campaigning has become a more expensive endeavor.

Fortunately, we have seen successful grassroots efforts in American political campaigns, and I hope that can be the case in the Cherokee Nation as well. That means that YOU play an integral role in making sure that independent candidates are able to run viable campaigns.


Whether you can give $5, $50, $500, or the $5000 per person maximum, your contribution matters more than you know. Not only does your contribution support my candidacy, it also sends a message that we will push back against the infusion of big money from outside non-Indian interests dominating our Nation’s political life. Make your voice heard by donating now to re-elect Julia Coates for Tribal Council!

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