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Our Vote Matters

'Siyo nigadv,

Earlier today I sent the attached letter to the Attorney General and the Election Commission. It would perhaps carry more weight if I was still the sitting councilor and I doubt it will be considered, but it should be. Because if there is a disqualification of a candidate for Principal Chief more than three weeks after absentee voting has begun, and only a week before the election, then At Large citizens as a class stand to have a large portion of our vote eliminated for the Chief's race since we really only vote by absentee ballot.

In the event of a disqualification of a candidate in the race, I am asking for a re-vote on the Principal Chief's race for anyone who had requested an absentee ballot for this election, as well as a two week extension of the election for that one office, in order that absentee ballots can be sent, received, and returned.

The disqualification appeal with the Supreme Court for candidate David Walkingstick is Friday, May 24. Stay tuned for the result...



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