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The Tribal Council has two types of meetings. There are six committees – Health, Education and Culture, Resources, Community Services, Executive and Finance, and Rules. Each councilor is required to serve on the Executive and Finance and Rules committees. They may elect which of the others (if any) they would also like to serve on.


During my time on the Tribal Council, I served on all six committees. I believe that attendance at committee meetings is most important since that’s where the majority of the work is done. By the time we get to the full Tribal Council meeting each month, it should be primarily a “ratifying” meeting to finalize and pass everything that has been done earlier in committee.

Served on the following sub-committees:

  • Election Law Reform

  • Redistricting

  • Donations

  • Council House Planning and Development


Authored and/or primarily sponsored 228 resolutions

  • Create the Cherokee Nation Community Association, a non-profit chartered under the Cherokee Nation

  • Extend the HUD 184 program to At Large citizens in Texas and Arkansas

  • Support the Elam Pomo Nation in a sacred sites issue on their lands in northern California

  • Support the “In the Wake of Empire” exhibit at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles, which featured the Civil War experiences of the Five Tribes

Co-sponsored numerous additional resolutions and legislation.

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